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Why should you choose between beautifully clear skin and anti-ageing results?
At Medik8, we don’t think you should have to.

The Medik8 Approach

Our approach to blemishes is completely different. We never compromise on the results you want. We include high quality proven ingredients at optimum concentrations that really work. It’s what we choose and what we leave out that makes the difference. Our blemish formulas avoid harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide that can damage, strip, redden and dry the skin. So there’s no need to resort to harsh teenage formulas that don’t meet the needs of adult skin. We’ve yet to meet a client who has said they don’t want to have the confidence of anti-ageing science while tackling blemishes. So why choose, when you can have both?


Meticulous Ingredient Research

Extensive research into ingredient technology means we have been able to develop a Blemish range that targets breakouts, speeds healing and reduces post-inflammatory scarring without compromising the skin’s vulnerable defensive barriers. So you can get on with your life with the beautiful skin you deserve. 

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Boost the results of your skincare regime with a professional in-salon treatment. Take a look at our treatment menu here. Or browse our great before and after case studies.